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Lauren Rothstein of Centercourt recaps recent PSP Event




I just have to share that I had the most amazing experience running the PSP this past weekend. I couldn’t stop talking to my dad about it! Here is a little video that Michele Byrne put together.


The kids were AMAZING and such good sports. Jayden Reyes, the #1 seed, played a kid who had never played a match before and he helped him out with scoring and where to stand. It was so adorable. The next round he went on to lose and was still so upbeat and positive. I gave away a few of those “great sports make a sport great” pins. As I was awarding one to the 1 girl who didn’t win a trophy (I was just really talking to her and her parents), all of the parents and kids clapped. Some kids knew each other but most didn’t. However, by the end of the day a lot of them became friends.


Most impressively, the parents were OUT OF THIS WORLD fantastic. The focus wasn’t on ranking points or results, it was on amount of matches played. One boy was defaulted from his first round match because his dad read the time wrong. He then lost first round in the consolation but I still got him a second match (just for fun) and the father was so appreciative. Most parents thanked me multiple times for running a great event but they don’t realize that THEY are the ones that helped make it great.


Also, thank you for providing water bottles/bags as well as snacks/drinks. We also gave the kids a Centercourt t-shirt. Parents and players LOVED it! 


 Thank you for giving kids these orange ball opportunities to go out and play.



Lauren Rothstein
Director of Marketing

Centercourt Sports