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USTA Offers High Performance QuickStart Tennis Training in Chatham, NJ to Certified Tennis Professionals

October 29, 2009 02:53 AM

On November 23rd, Centercourt Athletic Club, 222 North Passaic Avenue in Chatham, NJ will host a USTA High Performance QuickStart Tennis play format training session from 2 – 6pm for certified tennis pros. QuickStart tennis play format has been developed for children 10 and under using age-appropriate courts, equipment and lesson plans. Certified coaches interested in reserving a spot in this free training should contact Jeff Rothstein, USTA High Performance QuickStart National Trainer at 973-722-7079 or at via email. Provide Jeff with your name, facility name & address, phone number, email address and note which professional association you are a current certified member. Advanced registration is required as only a limited amount of spaces are available. Attendees should plan to stay for the full 4 hours of the training session. All participants should come dressed in tennis attire in order to participate in the program.  

The USTA is providing a national QuickStart high performance trainer to make this on-court presentation.

The QuickStart tennis play format training will cover many topics including: training 8 and under kids on 36 ft courts, training 10 and under kids on 60 ft courts, practice plan structures, physical skill development, new skill development, team games, coaching methodology, what are age-appropriate competitions for this age group, tennis court setup, etc. Information will also be provided how to make the transition from a 60 foot QuickStart court onto a full-size (78 foot) tennis court.

All attendees will receive a QuickStart Tennis Practice and Play Plans in a 150 page booklet that offers sample practice sessions for 5-6, 7-8 and 9-10 year olds. Each lesson plan includes a warm-up activity, physical skill development activities, a review of what was learned in the prior session, a new skill and a series of practices to develop that skill in a playing situation, a team game that reinforces the skills and tactics of the playing situation, a cool down and a homework assignment. Competitive tournament formats for 8 & under and 10 & under players will also be provided.

Most kids who start to play tennis want to be able to rally a ball over a net with a friend and learn to play points and games as quickly as possible. QuickStart Tennis gives kids the opportunity to do both of these in a fun environment. To learn more about QuickStart Tennis, visit

For more information, contact Jeff Rothstein, USTA High Performance QuickStart National Trainer at 973-722-7079 or at