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2010 USTA Eastern New Jersey Region Grant Application - Learn more about this opppurtunity here.

April 1, 2010 08:29 PM

The New Jersey Regional Board provides grants and support services to USTA organizational members that participate in the growth and development of tennis programming in the New Jersey Region. Organizations that plan to start or enhance a program and/or event are welcome to submit their ideas for consideration. Grants will be allocated in the range of $300 to $850.

These regional grants place a high priority on programs associated with the following: 

  • USTA Member Organization Start-up or Development
  • USTA Programming
    • Junior Team Tennis
    • QuickStart Tennis
    • Adult Leagues
    • Adult or Junior Tournaments
  • Working with
    • Special populations
    • Minority populations
    • Wheelchair tennis
    • Senior tennis
  • Programs associated with
    • Parks & Recreation Departments
    • Schools or After School Programs


Organizations with an Interest in working more closely with the New Jersey Regional Board, the Region’s Program Coordinators and/or the Tennis Service Representative will be given special consideration. This funding opportunity is for tennis programs and events operating in 2010.



  • Member Organizations are limited to one grant application per year. Applications must include a current USTA Member Organization number.
  • When submitting this application, in addition to the attached form, please include:
    1. Brief History of Organization
    2. Program description
      • Goals & Objectives
      • Projected Demographics (location, targeted population, …)
      • Expected Number of Participants
      • Program Duration (weeks, days and/or hours)
    3. Program/Event Budget
    4. Specify “New Program” or “Expansion Grant” (Additional grant money has been made available to organizations requesting grants to develop or expand Community Tennis Associations within the New Jersey Region.)
    5. Please enclose flyers, brochures and/or other program promotional information

To access the application, click here.

Send completed grant application and proposal to the NJ Region President: 

Lou Wiggs

1244 Hollywood Ave.

Plainfield, NJ 07060

(908)-244-3252, or email:   

Organizations receiving grants are required to forward a brief report of the program’s success in order to qualify for future grants. The report form and directions will accompany your grant award.