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"Introducing Rob Polishook – Inside the Zone "Useful articles for parents and players”

April 18, 2010 01:19 PM
Rob Polishook

Rob Polishook, MA, CPC is the founder and director of Inside the Zone Sports Performance Group. As a Mental Training Coach he works with athletes and teams at the middle school, high school, national, college and professional levels. His work focuses on helping athletes and teams gain themental edge, often the difference between winning and losing.

Rob has spoken to athletes, coaches, parents both nationally at USTA, USPTA, ITA conferences and internationally conducted workshops and worked with top ranked juniors in India, Israel, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

He was awarded the 2008 USPTA - Eastern Division High School Coach of the Year award.

Additionally he has published articles in national publications including USTA and USPTA publications.

Feel free to access interesting and insightful articles written by Rob, on his website.

Article titles include, "Players Don't Plan to Fail but the Do Fail to Plan", "The Towel is your Friend! - How to Stay Calm and Relax before each point", "Coaching Millennial Players - Principles to Help Coach Your Players to Peak Performance", "Coaching The Millennial Player (part 2) - The Athlete is a Person First and Player Second", and "Coaching Millennial Players - The Key to Motivation is the Big Why (Y)!".

Visit Rob's website for more information: