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Five Questions with Marcella Cruz of Marlboro, NJ

January 9, 2012 05:08 PM

Marcella CruzOn January 21, USTA Eastern will recognize 16 outstanding students for their sportsmanship and their appreciation of Arthur Ashe’s legacy at the section’s 2012 Junior Awards Luncheon. Among those being honored is Marcella Cruz, of Marlboro, NJ, who will be receiving the Richard D. Lynch II Girls' 12 Sportsmanship Award. We asked Marcella about her training and goals, and how she tries to show good sportsmanship whenever she plays.


How do you feel about winning the Girls' 12 Sportsmanship Award?


I feel very honored for winning and thankful to all of the umpires and tournament directors for choosing me for this event.


How do you try to show good sportsmanship when you play?


Some ways to show good sportsmanship on the court are to respect the tournament directors and umpires. Also, you should always give courtesy to your opponent every time you play. I always try to be a fair and kind person on the court.


BNP Paribas ShowdownRight now, you train at the USTA Training Center – East. How do you like training there? What is that like?


Training at the USTAPD (Player Development center) is always a lot of fun. The entire coaching staffs are always supportive of me and help develop my game every day. Our training there is always intense. I take it very seriously. Occasionally, the coaches would make us play practice matches in addition to the drills to keep us sharp. It is a privilege to be part of USTAPD and to have the opportunity to step on the court with elite tennis players from around the states.


In November, you trained at the USTA Player Development Multi-Cultural Training Camp at the USTA Training Center Headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. What was that experience like?


I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate at the multicultural program in November. They chose many different elite tennis players from all over the country. I definitely had a great experience meeting different people and making new friends along the way. I also met amazing coaches that helped elevate the quality of my game. The experience was astonishing and I'm glad I was a part of it.


What are your goals as a tennis player in the next few years?


I would like to set realistic goals. In order to attain them I hope to continue to work hard on improving my game. Also, I aim to be one of the top junior players in the country. My family believes I can succeed in reaching these goals as long as I believe in them. I always try to remember to stay focused on my goals to make them a reality. Wins will give me confidence, but it is equally important to play with grace and humility, which are traits my parents always instill in me.



The Junior Awards Luncheon begins at noon and will be held at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel in White Plains, NY. The event is part of USTA Eastern’s Annual Meeting and Volunteer Development Workshop, January 20-21, 2012. To register for the meeting or support these awardees at the luncheon, click here.



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