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Tennis in My Life

August 12, 2011 09:58 AM
I started playing tennis around the age of seven. I absolutely fell in love from the first day. It was something that I was able to do well. I continued playing recreationally, but as I got older it just kept sticking with me. I started to take more lessons and develop a better understanding of the game. Once, I got to high school I started taking it seriously. I was able to develop strategy and mind set. Once, I realizing some success, I began to practice as hard as ever. I starting seeing results and put them into full effect. The older I got the better I got, which was all from experience. When I was a freshman playing, my team finished in last place in the conference, but in my senior year ended up winning the conference championship. It made me realize how important hard work is and understood that it will pay off in the end. When college started to be in the picture, it made me extremely proud and honored when I would be approached by colleges with tennis programs. This not only made me proud, but it made me work even harder. I had developed a love for the game that was unexplainable.

I began to love it, not only just for myself, but I loved to share it with others. I enjoyed helping my high school team out because I was captain for two years. I also started working part-time for the company I participated in clinics; this is Bill Wing's Tennis Academy. Additionally, as being a girl scout, I developed a giving attitude. For my Girl Scout Gold Award project, I created clinics for unprivileged children at the Boys & Girls Club of Lodi. I wanted to be able to share my skills and privileges with others. The United States Tennis Association, Eastern section and New Jersey region, which I am proud to be a part of, helped fund the program.

Currently, I am playing tennis at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania. I play both singles and doubles for my division three team. I enjoy it greatly. It has become a new level of tennis that enables me to work harder, but it still have not let my love of the game disappear. Last season my team finished 4th in the conference, so we are working harder to become the best we can be. I also still hold a job with Bill Wing's Tennis Academy, which I work summers and breaks teaching tennis to kids and adults of all ages. I love teaching and being involved in the tennis industry. Some people say I have too much tennis in my life, such as playing in school, practicing, and working, but I feel tennis is something that is very close and important to me. I feel that it has helped me become the person I am today, who is strong and independent. I hope and plan that I can continue in the tennis industry path in the future. Continuing to be a part of the Eastern Section as a member and volunteer is rewarding and so far everything was absolutely an unforgettable experience!